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The Sanctuary of Unlocking A Skincare Routine With Donna Bartoli

Digital Creator, Skin & Health enthusiast Donna Bartoli is the expert so many turns to for finding products and routines to transform their complexion. A community of 28,000 strong, Bartoli knows the ins and outs of healthy and balanced skin, with her signature minimal aesthetic, clear and concise beauty knowledge and a deep insight into the ingredients it takes for a sanctimonious skincare routine. In the latest REALSKIN series, we discuss what is considered a healthy complexion, self-care non-negotiables and beating dull skin.

As part of our SKINDAYS’ CLUB, REALSKIN unveils the raw and honest truth behind beauty & wellness. Home to an expansive interview series that speaks with leading beauty experts and skin connoisseurs within beauty, it will host and share honest, (sometimes) untold yet beautiful narratives surrounding their personal beauty & wellness journeys. It is SKINDAYS re-imagined, pure & uniquely captured.

SKINDAYS: How did your journey with beauty start?

Donna Bartoli: Skincare and beauty is something that I’ve grown up with; my grandmother was an old movie actress, and she taught me always to wash my skin in the evenings. I just had a cleanser and her cold cream. I think I took this with me from a teenager and have always had a solid skin routine. My journey then evolved where I started to post more about it on my social media channels, with a community growing as a result, and now I have turned my passion into my full-time job, I really couldn’t feel luckier.



SD: Would you say that this has then carved out your skincare philosophy?

DB: Totally, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. The key to good skin is consistency. Nail that, and your skin will thank you, oh and always wear SPF.

SD: What do you consider as a healthy and balanced complexion?

DB: Moisturised and hydrated skin are healthy. There’s nothing more important. As we age, our skin loses moisture, so keeping it topped up is crucial. Using ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and skincare products with Ceramides will help to maintain skin’s integrity.

SD: What steps do you implement when your skin feels sluggish/lacklustre?

.DB: If my skin looks a little grey and lacks that glow, I always reach for an exfoliator. Just sloughing away dead skin makes a massive difference to the texture and overall radiance of the complexion. Plus, it helps my other products penetrate and work so much better

SD: You have a strong knowledge of products. What works well on your skin?

DB: Well, a good cleanser because clean skin is a great start. I love a hydrating ingredient like Hyaluronic Acid and locking all that hydration in with a rich moisturiser, especially in the colder months.

SD: On your busiest days, what self-care habits are non-negotiable for you?

DB: For me, an essential part of self-care is my skin routines morning and night, even when I only have 5 minutes to get ready. If my skin isn’t good, I don’t feel good, and it has a knock-on effect. I will constantly cleanse, hydrate, moisturise, and pop on my SPF. even on my busiest days


SD: When do you feel most beautiful?

DB: The simple answer to this is when I’m happy. It’s more a mental thing of feeling beautiful over whether I have put my makeup on that day but, if I’m consistent with healthy eating and my skincare routines, my skin takes on a glow that I genuinely love. I shine from within.

SD: Finally, what is the last thing you do before bed?

DB: Before bed, I take 10 minutes to use my Gua Sha stone for a facial massage. Not only Is it hugely relaxing, it truly makes a difference over time. My skin feels firmer and tighter from it, and it’s now non-negotiable.


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