A Step-By-Step Guide For

Combination Skin

In the summer it becomes hotter and more humid and just like with our wardrobe it’s time to take off some of the thicker layers found in a winter skincare routine. Discover how to build a skincare routine for combination skin which will help to maintain your skin barrier and introduce hydration but in lighter formulations. 

Summer Routine

Your skincare routine in the summer should include:

01: Cleanser

If you double cleanse, use an oil cleanser or cleansing balm to gently melt away make-up, sunscreen, build-up from pollution. Follow this with an exfoliating cleanser as during the summer months we sweat more so this will help to deeply cleanse your skin.

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02: Exfoliator

Use a combination of BHAs and AHAs to help to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and clear out clogged pores to help to prevent breakouts.  

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03: Toner

A hydrating toner will help to replenish moisture lost during the hot summer days.

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04: Treatment & Serum

With combination skin different parts of your face may need different topical treatments. In the summer a Vitamin C serum will help to protect against pollution and free radicals. Combine this with a brightening serum in the evening to give you a beautiful summertime glow.  

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05: Moisturiser

Using a moisturiser with SPF in the morning will protect against UV rays and moisturise the skin without using a product that’s too heavy and create breakouts. In the evening use a lightweight moisturiser with fatty acids or jojoba oil to help plump out fine lines.  

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06: Face Mask

A detox mask will help to clear out clogged pores, and help to control your oil production. Focus this on your t-zone and then use the excess on the rest of your face.

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