A Step-By-Step Guide For

Oily Skin

The arrival of summer is always welcomed but the heat and humidity can play havoc to your skin especially for those with oily skin. However, a few small changes to your skincare routine can help to ease the transition.

Summer Routine

Your skincare routine in the summer should include:

01: Cleanser

A good oil cleanser or cleansing balm is important in summer to remove the build-up of pollution, sweat, and sunscreen off of your face. Follow this with a gentle exfoliating cleanser to deeply cleanse your skin.

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02: Cleansing Tool

Incorporate a cleansing tool which will deeply work into your pores to help remove any build-up of sebum.

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03: Exfoliator

If you think that your skin needs it then start to slowly increase the number of days you exfoliate your skin. Look out for AHAs as this will remove dead skin cells, and open up blocked pores.

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04: Toner

Incorporate a refreshing and hydrating toner to ensure your skin barrier is getting nourished, even better have it double as a facial mist to help refresh and hydrate your skin during the day too.

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05: Treatment & Serum

In the morning incorporate a Vitamin C serum to help prevent hyperpigmentation, fight against free radicals, and stimulate collagen production. In the evening, incorporate a retinol/Vitamin A treatment as this isn’t just a powerful anti-aging product but also promotes cell turnover which will help to remove dead skin cells. Using active ingredients means that using an SPF is essential. 

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06: Moisturiser

During the day start using a moisturising SPF which will ensure you get both your hydration and sun protection without having to layer too many products which may cause you to breakout. At night use a lightweight moisturiser full of powerful hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid or vitamin E.

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07: Face Mask

An exfoliating mask will help to deeply cleanse your skin on a weekly basis but look for one which also contains hydrating ingredients to help maintain your moisture barrier. 

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