Skindays is here to guide your skincare choices

Skindays stands for impactful wellness products that help you feel confident in your natural skin. Tired of wasting time and resources on products that don’t deliver? We have selected the ones that actually do. Take our 3-minute Skin Test to build your profile and get unbiased recommendations based on your needs, supported by our experts’ advice and the analysis of hundreds of product’s INCI list. Explore our selected range of beauty staples, learn more through our expert guides and start your journey to your best Skindays.

Our Story

Founders Diana Stenbolt and Gemma Estrela met whilst working at high-end ecommerce Farfetch. They initially connected in the changing room of a pilates class, when Diana was fascinated by the number of skincare products Gemma was carrying. They immediately bonded: which products to buy, how and most of all where? At the time, they were both feeling frustrated by the in-store and online experiences they had while shopping for premium expert-backed beauty products.

Founding Skindays is their solution for all those people feeling the same frustration: an innovative marketplace where everyone can find the right skincare products for their needs, concerns and lifestyle, through bespoke recommendations, expert advice and impartial vetting.

Tailored Skincare

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t feel like another box to tick, yet finding the right products for your skin, body and hair can be an overwhelming experience. At Skindays, we’re passionate about wellness and science-led brands that deliver transformational results. Our mission is to uncover high-efficiency, result-driven formulations and match them to your needs. When you take our 3-minute Skin Test, we’ll recommend the right products for your skin and store your bespoke plan in your profile for easy access over time. Plus, we support your learning journey through our educational guides written in collaboration with beauty experts, such as Dylan Mustapich, Georgia Day and Nateisha Scott.

Skin Test and Skin 101

The first step is to take our 3-minute Skin Test to validate your skin type, specific concerns and lifestyle preferences. Combining expert advice with the power of technology, we will analyse the ingredients of hundreds of products against your individual needs and show you the best matching ones with their respective benefits.

As part of our community, you also have unlimited access to our Skin 101 encyclopaedia – from morning moisturiser to evening exfoliation, from skin types to skin concerns, you’ll find a collection of step-by-step guides to learn all about skincare.

Trust the experts

From inspiring innovators to skincare scientists, each of the brands you’ll find on Skindays is led by professionals with years of experience in their field. Our mission is to bring trusted knowledge to your beauty cupboard, that’s why each product is tested and vetted impartially by Skindays’ team of experts. While going through thousands of products, we look for honest ingredients, transparent formulations and tangible benefits. The result? A curated selection of skincare staples that actually work.


We spend hours researching the latest brands, products and formulas to make sure that they’re actually worth the hype. From cutting-edge science to rising trends, our team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding new gems.


Our no-nonsense approach means that all brands are submitted to a thorough vetting process by our expert team and only the products that deliver results make it onto Skindays.


If you see it here, it’s worth your attention. We do all the hard work, so you can relax, trust your purchase and shop smartly.


We firmly believe that sustainability shouldn’t just be an industry buzzword, but a business priority embedded in every area of our operations, from supply chain to working conditions, from packaging to brands’ formulations.

When you order from Skindays, you’ll receive your order in a white branded box with a QR code detailing where it was sustainably made.

To save on natural resources, we have committed to a paperless approach, so you’ll find everything you need in your online account, including your receipt, return slip and extra info. Plus, all our branded products like our Skindays cap, pouch and tote bag have been crafted in London using organic and recycled materials. As we grow, we’ll continue to look into ways to scale sustainably and ethically, respecting our planet’s natural resources.