A Step-By-Step Guide For

Combination Skin

With combination skin it can feel difficult to understand what concerns or results you should prioritise. If you focus in on protecting your skin barrier and creating a good foundation, this will make it easier to then topically treat any concerns as they arise. Learn more about how to build a multi-tasking evening routine which will be suitable for the dryer and oiler parts of your face.

Evening Routine

Your skincare routine in the evening should include:

01: First Cleanse

This will remove any make-up or sunscreen applied during the day. Don’t be afraid of oil based cleansers with combination skin as these are perfectly suitable even for your oiler t-zone. 

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02: Second Cleanse

This will help to cleanse your pores and remove any build-up from the day. Look for a gentle exfoliating or foaming cleanser if you feel like you want a deeper cleanse.

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03: Face Mask

This will depend on your skin needs, if needed apply a different face mask to your oily and dry areas. You only need to use a face mask on a weekly basis.

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04: Exfoliator

This will remove dead skin cells and clear out your pores to help prevent breakouts. You only need to exfoliate 1 – 2 times a week.

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05: Toner

This will add additional moisture and help to balance out the skin’s pH. Remember to avoid toners with alcohol as this can overly strip your skin. 

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06: Treatment

Where the focus of the morning should be protection and hydration the evening is when you can use active ingredients. With combination skin, you may use different treatments or serums on different parts of your face depending on their needs. 

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07: Moisturiser

Use a richer product in the evening but remember you can use different textures in different places if you feel your skin needs it.

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08: Facial Oil

The right face oil can be suitable for any skin type as they help to lock in moisture which help to repair a damaged skin barrier. Apply a couple of drops all over your face or focus in on drier areas depending on your skin needs.

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