Eczema is a skin condition which is characterised by areas of rough, dry skin that often feels itchy.  There are seven types of eczema, but the most common is atopic dermatitis which has no clear cause but is thought to be indirectly related to allergies. Another form is contact dermatitis which is caused by a specific irritant or allergy. Please speak to your dermatologist if you are unsure about which type of eczema you have and for specific medication to help treat the symptoms.


What Causes Flare-Ups of Eczema?

Regardless of if your eczema is caused by a specific allergy or not there are common things which can cause flare-ups:
Very hot or cold weather
Hot, long showers
Non-bio washing powder
Particular soaps or detergents

Can Skincare Help?

If you have eczema, always speak to your doctor first. However, your skincare routine can help to prevent flare ups and soothe them when they occur. Eczema means the skin barrier isn’t working properly so the goal should always be to try and maintain moisture in your skin as much as possible. Look for products which are made for people with sensitive skin and are fragrance free as these shouldn’t aggravate your skin. Likewise, avoid active ingredients such as AHAs, BHAs, Vitamin C, and retinol and other vitamin A derivatives as they can also be irritating.

Best Products for Soothing Eczema

Simple and gentle is definitely the best when it comes to an eczema-friendly skincare routine. Sticking to the basics will make sure you are giving your skin what it needs and protecting it from potential environmental stressors without irritating it.


If your skin type is oily then use a gentle hydrating cleanser. If it’s dry or normal just use water.
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Look for a simple hyaluronic acid serum to aid your skin lock in moisture.
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Base the type of moisturiser on what your skin needs and different parts of your face may have different needs. Use a more emollient moisturiser or facial oil on the dryer parts of your face and something more lightweight on the olier parts.
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Another essential step however, formulations can vary significantly so before applying test different options on a small area to check for any potential irritants.
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