A Step-By-Step Guide For

Dry Skin

Dry skin can feel difficult to manage as you’re having to balance trying to brighten your complexion without stripping your skin. Discover products which will help to exfoliate and moisturise all without irritating any sensitive skin. The key to a good skincare routine for dry skin is focusing maintaining your skin barrier and using gentle ingredients which will help to soothe and calm any inflammation or redness.

Evening Routine

Your skincare routine in the evening should include:

01: First Cleanse

This is a gentle way to help remove build-up, make-up and sunscreen that you may have applied during the day.

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02: Second Cleanse

This will help your skin to feel clean without feeling tight. Keep an eye out for cleansers containing non-fragrant plant oils as these are nourishing and cleansing. 

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03: Exfoliator

This will help to remove flaky skin cells resulting in softer and smoother skin, and help to add brightness back to your complexion.

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04: Toner

This will help to introduce hydrating ingredients to help repair your skin barrier and help it to retain moisture.

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05: Treatment

This should focus on helping to add brightness and elasticity to your skin to complement the rest of the routine which is focusing on hydration.

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06: Moisturiser

This should include a blend of fatty acids, ceramides, and non-fragrant plant oils to ensure that overnight your skin is getting nourished and soothed. 

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07: Eye Cream

This will help to restore the skin’s barrier as underneath your eyes has very few oil glands so needs some targeted attention.

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08: Face Mask

Use a hydrating overnight mask to deliver a supercharge hit of moisture to your face.

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09: Face Oil

This can be applied all over your face to help lock in moisture or applied topically to specific dry patches you think need extra hydration.

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