Extreme Dryness

Extreme dryness is when your skin really struggles to make its own oil meaning that your skin feels constantly itchy, dry, and tight. You may also experience scaly patches on your face as well as persistent redness. Extreme dryness often goes hand in hand with increased sensitivity too. 


Is Extreme Dryness the Same as Eczema?

Always check with your dermatologist to see if this concern may require specific treatment. If so, you will be able to build your medical treatments into your daily routine.

What to Avoid with Extreme Dryness?

With extreme dryness it’s best to treat your skin as gently as possible. This means avoiding fragrance, including natural fragrances, denatured alcohols, and mint or citrus extracts. Best practice is to use products which are suitable for sensitive skin as these shouldn’t include any irritating ingredients.

How to Build a Skincare Routine for Extreme Dryness?

Unsurprisingly the focus for you should be on hydration. This will help to soothe your skin as well as diminishing the appearance of any dry patches. Cream moisturisers, hydrating serums, and richer moisturisers are all your friends. If you have any other skin concerns which you would like to treat, build that element into your serums but prioritise hydration.

Best Ingredients to Help Tackle Extreme Dryness

If you experience extreme dryness look for products which include these ingredients as they will help to hydrate, soothe and calm.

Hyaluronic Acid:

This hero hydrating ingredient literally pulls moisture into your skin and then helps to lock it in.
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A gentle but powerful hydrating ingredient which helps to lock in moisture and add the plumpness back to your skin.
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Jojoba Oil

This helps to soothe your skin if it’s feeling sensitive, and contains fatty acids which then help to smooth the top layers of your skin.
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Fatty Acids

These are the building blocks of your skin, including these in your routine will help to smooth and soothe your complexion.
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