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Long-lasting Beauty and Finding Eternal Happiness with Rikke Sandvold

Norwegian-based Influencer, Rikke Sandvold, has always had an holistic approach to beauty, truly emphasising that ‘beauty comes from within’. Her minimal and simple rituals surrounding skincare and beauty, are methods that she also carries throughout her lifestyle as she prioritises her mind, body and skin connection. In this interview feature, Rikke talks through her skincare routine, favourite beauty memory with her mum, and how she looks after a stressed complexion

As part of our SKINDAYS’ CLUB, REALSKIN unveils the raw and honest truth behind beauty & wellness. Home to an expansive interview series which speaks with leading beauty experts and skin connoisseurs within beauty, it will host and share honest, (sometimes) untold yet beautiful narratives surrounding their personal beauty & wellness journeys. It is SKINDAYS re-imagined, pure & uniquely captured.

SKINDAYS: How would you describe your skin?

Rikke Sandvold: My skin is generally very sensitive, and depending on the season, it flutters between dry and normal spells. 

SD: How does sensitive skin then impact how you look after it?

RS: Well, I try to stick to the products that I know my skin can handle. I’ve had experiences in my teenage years where this wasn’t the case and with breakouts, it was an unhealthy mix. 

SD: What does your skincare routine look like now, especially when your skin is happy and healthy?

RS: First of all, I like to remain consistent with my routine, and both my morning and evening routine consists of a thorough cleanse and exfoliation, followed by applying a serum and moisturiser. I love to use natural and organic based products. This does also depend on how my skin behaves that day, often I find I like to layer two or three serums and even two moisturisers if my skin is in need of some extra TLC. 

SD: What is one thing about skincare that you appreciate now, that you hadn’t before?

RS: So many things! My mother’s best friend is a Dermatologist and whenever I have a skin crisis, she comes to my rescue. She has taught me so much, from not overdoing it, to allowing my skin to also have a break from its routine. We have a tendency to overdo it with our skincare – especially when we have concerns, but she has taught me, the more we add, mix and layer, the more concerns we can create. 



SD: What would you then consider as a skincare mistake? 

RS:  Changing my routine when I experience breakouts, It’s better to ride out the storm, minimize the stress and keep the complexion calm and moisturised.

SD: Do you have a beauty memory that you’d love to share?

RS: I remember so vividly sitting in my mother’s bathroom and she was sharing some tips on how she looked after her skin. To this day, even if I don’t necessarily remember the specific details of what she taught me, I remember it being a beautiful mother-daughter moment that I will forever cherish.

SD: When do you feel most beautiful?

RS:  So many moments, in the summertime when I wake up next to my love and I have the sun kissing my face with a coffee in bed together. After a hard workout or even when I’m going out in full glam, surrounded by the people I adore as the night is young and full of possibilities. 

SD: Finally, what does beauty mean to you?

RS: First and foremost feeling and being happy. If you’re genuinely happy inside it will radiate on the outside. I always get compliments on my skin when I feel the most happy, it gives me the best glow!

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