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Skin Session with Rikke Krefting

When it comes to taking an understated approach to both beauty and style, none do it better than Norwegian influencer Rikke Krefting. Based in London, Rikke’s Instagram feed is a homage to simple-yet-efficacious skincare products, investment wardrobe pieces and the chicest of European hotspots—think Dr. Barbara Sturm serums, Chanel dad sandals and Capri beach breaks. And, of course, we’d be remiss not to mention her glowing complexion. Ahead, we caught up with Rikke to unpack her skincare routine, wellbeing rituals and the products that she returns to time and time again.

SKINDAYS: How would you describe your skin type?

Rikke Krefting: Mostly, I’d say that it’s pretty dry. My skin tends to prefer warmer climates so during the winter, when it’s particularly cold, I find that it gets really dry and dehydrated and it needs a lot of hydration.

SD: Are there certain ingredients that you gravitate towards to help look after it?

RK: I use lots of brightening vitamin c, which my skin really loves, and I make sure to layer on lots of different creams to keep my skin moisturised and hydrated during the day. Luckily, during the summer months, my skin tends to be a lot happier. In fact, when the weather is warmer I often just apply my SPF after cleansing and I find that’s all my skin really needs.

SD: What is your favourite step in your skincare routine?

RK: That’s a hard one, but I think I’d have to say serums. I really love layering on different ones as part of my routine, and then I’ll use my gold bar to really massage them into my skin if I have some extra time. I genuinely feel like serums provide a lot of beneficial ingredients to my skin while also being gentle. Oh, and I love a good moisturiser too.

SD: Can you describe what your skin looks like when it’s at its most happy and healthy?

RK: Tanned with glowy cheekbones! My skin definitely reaches its happy place during the summer, or when I’m away somewhere warm. But being Norwegian and living in London means that, most of the time, my skin is definitely not at its best [laughing]. Honestly, I really notice a difference in my skin when I’m somewhere nice and sunny. I have to admit that I have a real sweet tooth too, and I’ve noticed that my skin never looks great when I’ve been indulging in a lot of Norwegian candy. Luckily it’s pretty hard to get hold of here in London!

SD: Even on your busiest days, what self-care step is non-negotiable for you?

RK: My cleansing routine is an absolute must for me—morning and night. If I don’t cleanse my skin then I feel like I haven’t started or ended my day properly. So, cleansing is a definite non-negotiable along with using a vitamin c serum daily.

SD: Can you share your top skincare picks from SKINDAYS with us?

RK: All of the cleansers. My cleansing obsession is real! I swear by the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Age Serum and Overnight Facial Serum too, and the MZ Skin Anti-Pollution range is brilliant.


SD: What’s something that you now believe about beauty that you didn’t before?

RK: Hydration is key! I drink a lot of water and I can genuinely see a huge difference in my skin if I don’t keep on top of my water intake. Also, I think that good skin depends on consistency. It’s really important to have a regular skincare routine with reliable products rather than chopping and changing all the time.

SD: Besides skincare, what are the biggest ways that you look after yourself?

RK: Pilates and morning runs. I really love to move my body and experience everything that it’s capable of. My workouts are kind of like meditation for me and they’re really important in setting myself up for a good day and a good mood. Honestly, if a day passes when I haven’t moved my body then I just don’t feel like myself. It doesn’t have to be challenging movement, either—it can be anything from a morning walk in the park to reformer pilates. (I love Heartcore.) Even more importantly, though, as a fashion obsessive I love to express myself through what I wear. Fashion has been my happy place since I was a child and has had such a positive impact on where I am in my life today. I feel really lucky and privileged that something I love so much has become part of my work.

SD: What are your bedside beauty essentials?

RK: Oh, there’s quite a few that I couldn’t be without, but if I had to narrow it down then I’d say a good lip balm, a hand cream, my water bottle, a relaxing scented candle and a rosemary face mist.

SD: What is the most useful piece of skincare advice that you’ve ever received? 

RK: Don’t overdo it. There are so many brands and voices in the skincare industry trying to convince you to use all of their products, but using too many on your skin can be totally overwhelming for your complexion. I believe in using everything in moderation and really taking the time to learn about your skin and understand its needs. Everyone’s skin is different so it’s important to get to know your own complexion and not be tempted to jump on fleeting skincare trends.

SD: What product is next on your skincare wish list?

RK: I am quite satisfied with my skincare routine at the moment so, honestly, nothing! I’ve actually started going for regular facials with the most amazing woman who has completely changed my skin and given me everything I need for it to be in brilliant condition.

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