Normal Skin

Normal skin is when you may experience very slight dryness or the occasional oiliness but you mostly wake up in the morning with no detectable issues. Skincare routines are normally focused around minimising or controlling a particular skin type or skin concern. For those with normal skin, you can build your skincare routine around personal preference and prevention.


How to Look After Normal Skin?

You want to build a skincare routine that is based around preventing skin care concerns that may impact you as you age. Sun damage, environmental stressors, and hormonal changes as you age will all create a toll on your skin and the goal for your skincare routine will be to minimise the impact of those stressors as much as possible.

Is Normal Skin Permanent?

For the most part, yes. However, although you have normal skin this doesn’t mean you can use whatever products you want as using too many actives or harsh tools can damage your skin and create problems. Similar to other skin types changes in climate, hormonal fluctuations, and other lifestyle changes can also impact your skin meaning it may feel drier or more oily at certain points of the year or month.

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