Meet Aevi: The everyday brand for sensitive skin

SD: How did you meet? Can you share the story behind creating AEVI? 

MH: We both grew up with sensitive skin and that is how we learned to navigate the skincare space. We found a lot of the best and most beautiful skincare brands were exclusive so when we were presented with the opportunity to create our own, we wanted to change that. Aevi is our Nordic approach — inclusive, open-hearted and welcoming. Our skincare is made for all skin, especially sensitive skin, all genders, all ages. For everybody, every day.

SD: What drove you to start your skincare line with a serum & oil?

NH: We wanted to cover the basics that we all use and focus these products on hydration. Hydration is important to all skin types and especially if you have sensitive skin – it helps to restore existing conditions and protect against future sensitivities and the environment. Our Oil-Free Face Hyaluronic Serum is our “hydration hero” with plant-based hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, tremella mushroom and seaweed extract which work synergistically to attract and hold moisture to the skin. The Nourishing Face Oil helps to lock all of that hydration in and create a protective barrier with Nordic berry oils naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamins and Omega-3, -6 and -7.

Just remember, it’s about hydration inside as well as out!

SD: What do you want your customers to feel when using your products?

MH: It is our intention to inspire as many people as we can to connect and feel comfortable in their own, natural skin. Our products should be easy and simple to use (so you always take the time to use them), and they should feel soothing and hydrating on the skin (and these effects should be visible too). 

SD: What has been your most rewarding moment while developing AEVI?

NV: Holding our hand sanitizer in our hands (our very first product) and later the first products of our skincare line – it was so rewarding seeing everything come together from the individual ingredients to formula, and all the materials to the packaging design. In truth, we never stop pinching ourselves though – it’s one incredible journey creating something from scratch means so much to us.

SD: What does natural, clean ingredients mean to Aevi?

Of nature, from nature, for nature – kind to our skin and kind to all things.

Our formulas are of course also free from:

– Fillers

– Parabens

– Phthalates

–  PEGs

– Artificial fragrances

– Synthetic colors​ ​or unnecessary preservatives

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SD: What’s the best way to use the nourishing face oil to maximize its benefits?

MH: It’s seriously goopy and works great with facial massage – this also helps to encourage its nourishing properties into the skin. We also recommend it as a layer over our plant-based hyaluronic serum (or any other hydration based serum) as it is very effective at locking in hydration, but it is not necessary. The Nourishing Face Oil itself is rich omega-3, -6 and -7 fatty acids to boost hydration, with a high concentration of antioxidants for skin repair, fruit acids that help with skin cell turnover and an abundance of vitamins, such as A, C, and E to strengthen and protect.

SD: Outside of skincare, what are the biggest ways you take care of yourself?

NV: We both practice yoga and meditation, take trips to bring us out into nature and back to our own nature. We each have our tools to check in with ourselves but we are also very good at checking in with each other and encouraging each other – as friends and as business partners. Self-love is important, but so is the love of our closest friends, so we make time for this as well.

SD: What’s next for your brand?

MH: We’re launching a few more products this year. We’re almost ready with a gentle face wash, blemish stick, super blue face mask and illuminizing balm. Stay tuned…

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