Meet Franco Gobbi, the Visionary Hairstylist Behind Fragile Cosmetics

Fragile Cosmetics, an Italian brand, offers a multisensory, gender-neutral experience through its range of natural, eco-friendly body and hair products. Shaped by the vision of celebrity hairstylist Franco Gobbi and co-founder Manuela Affatato, it embodies a profound connection between humanity and the planet. Inspired by nature’s allure and the timeless charm of the Mediterranean, Fragile Cosmetics emerges as a tribute to elegance and sustainability. Committed to vegan, cruelty-free formulations, the brand embraces over 98% natural ingredients, reflecting nature’s grace in every product.

Skindays: How did you come to enter the hair care space? 

Franco Gobbi: I began to be fascinated by beauty care and transformation when I was a child, so at 14 I started attending a professional academy as a hairdresser and in the meantime doing an internship in my hometown, but my attraction to fashion was born being part of a cultural group of cyberpunks, called Mutoid waste company where I learned to refine the taste of performance, of the application of technique, this experience then took me, at the age of 21, to Milan where I started working in world of fashion and beauty.

Over the years my career has taken me abroad, Paris 7. New York 15 where I was able to broaden my vision of the world of beauty.

SD: You’ve had an incredible career, are there any milestones you are most proud of? 

FG: There were many moments that marked my life from the point of view of work, which also shaped me from a personal point of view, but the culminating moment was certainly the choice to be able to develop together with my life partner Manuela Affatato a line of cosmetics that contain all our values. Dynamic, genderless, natural vegan, ecological products. Easy to use but with a professional heart.

SD: You’ve styled hair for numerous high-profile clients. What inspires your creative process when working on a new look or project? 

FG: The tireless desire to capture elements from which to draw and then apply them on extraordinary interpreters, naturally leads me to mix my experiences, loves and passions (art in all its forms, nature, architecture…) of the past with subcultural extrapolations of the present, looking to the future.


SD: Tell us more about your product line, what has been the creative process behind it? 

FG: Fragile Cosmetics was conceived for people who pay attention to details, with a real interest in sustainability and effective and essential genderless products. It is from these principles that which everything begins the production process. The love for the magic of the alchemy of most formulas performing with deliciously natural fragrances is proposed in sustainable desirably minimal packaging.

SD: What has been your most rewarding moment while developing the Fragile Cosmetics line? 


FG: For us the moment for which Fragile Cosmetics feeds on its lifeblood is when our buyers see, with the action of tangible improvements in their beauty, the fruits of these successes are also crowned with prizes such as, for example, the award as best brand eco-sustainable 2024 recognised by the international BEAUTY SHORTLIST association where we also obtained the award for all the products in our line.

SD: What’s the one Fragile Cosmetics product your friends always ask for advice on? 

FG: Thanks to the multifunctionality of our products, our customers always have many questions about our products after shampoo, such as Rise (texturising + volumising) and Flirt (devitalising + detangling).

SD: Your current hair care routine? 

FG: Having curly hair with slight skin dehydration problems, my combo of favourite products are GLOW shampoo, Poise scalp serum and RISE volumising texturiser, then for the face, beard and body I use my favourite multipurpose BLOOM OIL every day.

SD: Cold or hot showers?

FG:  My shower always starts hot and ends with an electrifying last pass of cool water.



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