Meet Holidermie: Mélanie Huynh’s Holistic Approach to Beauty and Wellness

Holidermie, envisioned by Melanie Huynh, blends personal skincare rituals with wellness expertise. Melanie’s inspiration stems from her extensive travels and interactions with leading wellness experts, leading to the incorporation of adaptogenic plants into the brand’s formulations. With a background in fashion and beauty, Melanie’s diverse experiences shape Holidermie’s approach, catering to modern beauty needs. Emphasizing skincare rituals, Melanie underscores the importance of consistency and mindfulness in daily routines. Holidermie’s comprehensive range, including skincare, supplements, and beauty tools, promotes radiant skin and inner harmony through a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

Skindays: What is your earliest skincare memory? 

Mélanie Huynh: When I was a little girl, I had the chance to have my aunt handle an amazing spa location. It was a true passion for me to see her working there and offering inspiring massages.

SD: Can you share the inspiration behind founding Holidermie and how your background in the beauty and wellness industry influenced your vision for the brand? 

MH: Holidermie was born from my desire to share my experiences, and beauty rituals acquired over the past 20 years through my travels, experiences and meetings with the most advanced wellness experts. Particularly exposed to oxidative stress (pollution, sun, dryness…), I have always been sensitive to the health of my skin and to my personal balance. In 2013, my family acquired Château Toulouse-Lautrec in the Bordeaux region. My best friend Doctor Jérôme Paris used to predict me some nutritional supplements to help treat some deficiencies. This gave me the idea to use the most antioxidant active ingredients, the grape berry inside skincare & nutritional supplements. This was the starting point of the brand I wanted to create, a clean brand, 100% made in France integrating an Inside & Out vision.

SD: When creating your first range of products, what was the primary wellness problem you were tapping into? 

MH: The very first wellness principle which was the absolute requirement was to have an Inside & Out synergy between the products. I wanted to offer natural solutions for several problematics all linked to antioxidation. From the very beginning, we had nutritional supplements (targeting moisturization, firmness, imperfections, pigment spots, etc) and skincare products.

SD: Holidermie is known for its holistic approach to skincare. How do you integrate wellness principles into your products? 

MH: In most of our products, we include adaptogenic plants which allow us to increase our personal wellness and have a positive impact on our mental well-being. We work with local French laboratories who own this expertise and make sure we have the best natural ingredients inside our formulas.

SD: The concept of “beauty from within” is central to Holidermie’s philosophy. How does your product line promote both external and internal well-being, and what benefits can our community expect from this approach? 

MH: Our range of products is thought to be holistic. The brand is based on 3 pillars: skincare which remains all-purpose, nutritional supplements (which target specific skin issues), and beauty tools which help increase the benefits of our treatments. The benefits of this approach are various: physical and mental well-being, beautiful and healthy skin, stronger energy, and better resistance to stress. 

SD: Your background includes work as a Fashion stylist, beauty consultant and editor. How has this hands-on experience shaped the formulation and design of Holidermie products to cater to the diverse needs of today’s beauty customer? 

MH: I grew up in Paris in a multicultural environment. My mother is French and my father is Chinese. I developed a passion for fashion, beauty, and image in general. I started a styling career at French Vogue and then worked for many other international magazines and alongside  Designers. At Vogue, I was often around the beauty department and supported some of their beauty editorials. The link with beauty was also very strong on the Fashion sets. I loved hearing the makeup artists explain which products they used, how to help the skin glow etc. I’ve always taken great care of my skin, but I realized even more how important it was, when I was on shoots, seeing what models needed to keep their skin beautiful and healthy despite all the changes they were going through. My travels and my environment also led me to ask myself what was right for me.

SD: Holidermie emphasizes the importance of rituals in skincare routines. Can you elaborate on the significance of incorporating rituals and mindfulness into daily skincare, and what rituals do you practise? 

MH: I am naturally disciplined. Rituals have always punctuated my life. In my opinion, if one desires lasting results, it’s consistency that makes the difference. I apply my skincare products and perform my facial yoga exercises every morning mindfully. It’s a moment of well-being that I grant myself before the rush of my day.

SD: What’s your favourite Holidermie combo and how do you use it? 

MH: Such a tricky question as I’m using every single product in the range. But it would be impossible for me to live without a rich cream, a collagen nutritional supplement, and definitely my beauty tools… tongue cleaner, dry brush, gua sha!


SD: And the one product your friends always ask for advice on? 

MH: Definitely our Microbiote powder. All my friends are obsessed with it. It’s a powder formulated with probiotics, prebiotics, and flavonoids which supports the activity of the skin, the digestive, and the intimate microbiotes. You mix it with water and it becomes a very tasty smoothie.

SD: Bedside table essentials? 

  • MH: A water bottle to stay hydrated all constantly. 
  • A book. Lately, I’m reading the latest book from Marion Darrieutort on leadership and Elisa Sednaoui’s book as well.
  • Holidermie hand cream
  • Notebook and pen: very helpful to jot down thoughts, ideas or to-do lists to clear my mind and get prepared for sleep.

SD: What does your current routine look like?

MH: Every morning upon waking up, I practice Gandusha, a ritual inspired by Ayurveda. I use the Holidermie tongue scraper, an excellent way to rid the body of toxins accumulated during the night, and I finish with the Holidermie oil pulling to maintain oral health. I also use our own dry brush before taking a shower and take a cold water rinse at the end of my shower. Right after, I apply the Holidermie sculpting body milk, a velvety moisturizing, firming, and regenerating body lotion. When I have a little more time, I offer myself a face yoga session with my favourite tool above all: the Holidermie pink quartz Gua sha perfect fo lifting and redefining the face contour.


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