How Two Best Friends Launched the Easiest At-Home LED Mask Ever

The Light Salon, founded by Laura Ferguson and Hannah Measures, emerged from their shared passion for light therapy dating back to 2006. Laura’s discovery of LED therapy’s transformative effects on her skin prompted her to introduce it in the luxury spa she managed, where it gained instant popularity. Recognising the therapeutic and aesthetic benefits, Laura and her friend of 25 years, Hannah, started The Light Salon, offering affordable LED facials. Inspired by the growing trend of express beauty services, they aimed to make advanced skincare accessible to all. The Light Salon stands out as the UK’s pioneer in affordable LED facials, providing a range of treatments targeting various skin concerns. Their brand ethos emphasises accessibility and effectiveness, making advanced skincare a part of everyday self-care routines.

Skindays: What inspired you to start The Light Salon and how did you first get into LED light therapy?

Laura Ferguson: I’d been struggling with acne for years and was constantly trying to find a solution, then someone recommended LED light therapy to me, and that was it. I’d finally found a treatment that not only calmed my skin but had no side effects, and had the added benefit of making me feel deeply relaxed. At the time, I was managing a luxury spa, so I introduced light therapy to the treatment menu, and it became an instant hit. But it was also incredibly expensive.

Hannah was working in advertising at the time and had spotted this emerging trend for sociable grooming, with nail and blow-dry bars popping up in department stores. That’s when we had the idea to start The Light Salon, with the aim of bringing this amazing therapy out of exclusive clinics and into a more accessible setting. It developed a bit of a cult following, which led us to create Boost wearable LED, so our clients could top up their treatments at home and while travelling.

SD: For those who might not be as familiar, can you tell us what exactly is LED light therapy and its benefits for skincare and wellness?

LF: LED – which stands for Light Emitting Diode – is a non-invasive treatment that tricks the skin into thinking repair is needed, stimulating its production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The result is a plumper, clearer, brighter complexion. And whilst the skincare benefits are what draws most people in, LED also supports a healthy hair growth cycle, it lowers levels of cortisol, helps you to de-stress, and reduces inflammation, so can be used to relieve pain.

SD: How do you incorporate LED light therapy into your skincare routines and how can it be used to tackle skincare issues?

Hannah Measures: We developed Boost LED to be easy to use and comfortable to wear. All of our devices are made of flexible silicone which you just have to strap to clean skin and switch on. The treatment takes 10 minutes and the device times out automatically. When you use it is completely up to you – there’s no downtime. Like me, you could use it first thing in the morning while checking emails and before applying skincare and make-up, or like Laura, you could use it in the evenings as a way to wind down and before applying overnight serums. The key with LED is to be consistent, as this is how you’ll achieve results. We recommend using it three to five times a week.

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The Light Salon

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The Light Salon

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The Light Salon

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SD: What sets The Light Salon apart from other light therapy and beauty brands?

LF: We’re a tech brand but our products are born out of years of professional salon experience. When we launched Boost LED, we’d delivered more than 30,000 treatments, at a time when no one else was doing the same thing. If you’re looking to invest in wearable LED, it’s important to know that not all devices are created equal.
Don’t be persuaded by the number of bulbs or the variety of colours. The precision wavelengths we use – red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm – are the most clinically proven to regenerate skin cells.

SD: What has been your most rewarding moment while developing the The Light Salon?

HM: It’s hard to pick a rewarding moment because there have been many, along with a lot of stress and anguish along the way. However, this year we celebrate 25 years of friendship, 17 years of LED devotion, and 8 years in business. Our business, love of LED and friendship is as strong as ever. This, along with our belief and bravery to start a business together in the first place, devoted entirely to LED, before anyone else, is definitely rewarding.

SD: What’s the product you recommend most and why?

HM: Are we allowed to say all of them?! As well as our Face Mask, we now have the Collar, Body Patch and Bib, so you can treat the whole family from top to toe.

SD: What’s your go-to or favourite piece of advice about skincare?

HM: Be consistent! Taking care of your skin is like healthy eating or going to the gym – stick to the right routine and you’ll reap the long-term rewards. This is precisely how LED works.

SD: Your latest skincare or wellness obsession?

HM: We love the Collagen powders from Ancient & Brave. Super high-quality collagen, in a mix of flavours or non-flavoured, has become an essential part of our routine to maintain healthy hair and skin. Plus they’re a lovely team of like-minded pioneering women.


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