Meet Mantle: The Scandi skincare brand elevated by CBD

Skindays: How did you get into the skincare industry? Is it something that you’ve always been interested in?

Josefin: My background is in the start up scene. I’ve always been a massive skincare nerd and super interested in holistic health approaches and supplements. I was that child (withmy mum’s help) who was perming my dolls’ hair and skimming through every magazine,looking for beauty tips and tricks.

Stina: For me it started early too! I remember getting my first more luxurious face cream at a tax-free store when I was 14 years old. I had saved for months and thought it cost a fortune! Today I love multi-functional products and a quick yet super-efficient routine.

SD: Can you share the story behind Mantle?

JL: I was coming off of a very stressful tech startup cycle with my most recent venture in the health tech industry. I had two children very close in age, separated from their father and could not sleep. I was on the cusp of burning out. Timing was serendipitous when I came across the cannabis extract, CBD. Long story short, it was love at first drop. I met my co-founder Stina Lönnkvist and together we decided to found Mantle — a Scandinavian skincare and wellness brand elevated by cannabis.

SD: Mantle’s products are CBD based, why did you focus on CBD as the core ingredient of your products?

Both: It really evolved after gaining an understanding around the beautiful effects of CBD and how it is missing in skincare. When we started to formulate high-quality CBD with other powerful ingredients and roll out trials, we were blown away by the results. When we saw that we could create transformative formulas that feed your skin, support a healthy skin barrier, and make you feel and look your best, we knew we had something promising.

SD: Could you share more details on the type of CBD you use and its benefits on skin?

Both: When launching Mantle, the first thing we did was to dive into what determines quality in CBD and finding the best possible supplier. The quality of CBD is based on two things: how it’s grown, and how it’s extracted. We found our small scale Swiss farmer who produces the best possible quality on the market, and that was the key to starting Mantle! This organic CBD is sun-grown, hand-harvested, and cold-extracted, and is then added to the formulas created in Sweden. Swiss precision meets Swedish functionality! CBD has a role in everyones skincare since it de-stresses reactiveness, hydrates on a deep level, boosts collagen production, balances the oil production, and strengthens the skin barrier. Both people with dry and sensitive skin, and people with oily and acne-prone skin,have experienced amazing results from antioxidant powerhouse.

SD: What was the first product that you created and why?

Both: We launched with three products: The Dream Mask, The Glow Serum, The Calm Balm. All three are still some of our best-selling products. We wanted to launch with products who all had a clear “wow factor” and where the CBD could really shine and give instant results. The Dream Mask is our now cult-labelled overnight mask, a true reset-button for stressed-out skin in need of hydration, balance and resurrection. Magic while you sleep! The Glow Serum is an oil-based serum packed with CBD and other powerful botanicals, awarded “Best CBD product with skincare benefits” by Marie Claire UK. Finally, The Calm Balm is the first aid kit of beauty products – nourishing, healing, and calming. Use about anywhere!

SD: What has been your most rewarding moment while building Mantle?

JL: Every time people share their love of the products. It’s now happening quite often, but I can’t help but pinch my arm.

SL: This is not a single moment… But we’ve won many awards for so many different
products. We also have a fantastic community, and it means so much to us when people reach out and tell us that they’ve improved their skin and confidence thanks to our products. Or have been empowered by our marketing and our models; we stand out quite a bit from other companies when it comes to our advertising.

JL: We both think a lot about beauty standards and the industry, and we’re the target audience ourselves. Too much communication in the beauty industry has been driven by creating fear or insecurity in customers – for example, the fear of ageing through anti-ageing marketing. We don’t sign up to that. We want to embrace personal expression and experience.

SD: What is the biggest misconception about CBD-based products?

Both: That you can get high from it! The cannabis plant has an unfairly bad rep because peoples’ minds are immediately drawn to weed, but in reality, the plant can be used for hundreds of purposes. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the active substances from the plant’s leaves – and has no psychoactive effect.

SD: If you had to take 3 Mantle products to a desert island, what would they be and why?

JL: Oh! So difficult! That question is always so hard to answer, like asking about which one’s your favourite child! But if I can only choose 3, I’d choose The Rebound Serum, The Magic Milk and The Chill Cream. I have to cleanse with The Magic Milk and moisturise with our balancing multi-tasker The Chill Cream at a minimum. Also, currently I am obsessed with The Rebound Serum, packed with stem cells, CBD and peptides for bouncy and juicy skin.

SL: I’d go with The Glow Serum, highlighted before! Also, I can’t live without The Rich Cream and our exfoliator The Ex, so those will be coming with me.

SD: For someone that is new to CBD skincare, what Mantle product would you recommend?

JL: I think a cleanser, serum and mask are easy to implement into an existing skincare routine and a great way to try out Mantle. I would suggest The Magic Milk, our creamy, calming cannabis cleanser that nourishes but also gently exfoliates, leaving the skin ultra smooth without feeling dry.

SL: The Glow Serum is our instant glow getter, an oil-based serum that has really put
Mantle on the map, winning multiple awards and a fast community favourite. It has done wonders for acne-prone skin and calming rosacea, so it goes beyond just the glow. Then, for anyone struggling with moody skin in terms of breakouts, redness and/or uneven skintone, I have one more suggestion! The Treat is a remarkable pocket-sized addition to our line-up. This multi-action clearing azelaic acid treatment prevents breakouts, redness and evens out skin tone and together with the CBD, it offers a highly soothing impact.

SD: Best kept skincare secret?

JL: Make sure to feed your skin and it will pay you back! Spoil it with nourishing barrier-strengthening botanical ingredients, and be aware of stripping the skin of its natural oils.

SL: Couldn’t agree more! Gone are the days of over-exfoliation or harsh chemicals, my skin feels at equilibrium when lightly exfoliated, balanced with CBD, and well-fed with yummy ingredients. Plus, always use SPF!

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