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The 5 Skincare Tips to Survive the Holiday Season

The end of the year often feels like the world is about to end. We are submerged with deadlines and celebrations which often take a toll on our energy & skin!  Our skincare experts have broken down the top 5 skincare  recommendations to smoothen the impact of the holidays with essentials to hydrate and energise the skin!

1. Use a rich cleanser to remove all your makeup without drying out your skin!

Why? With the colder weather, skin gets drier than usual. A richer cleanser (oil, balm, or creamy) will prevent over drying the skin whilst effectively taking off the remains of the day & night (and yes this includes smokey eye makeup!).

What to do? After a long day at work, holiday party or both, this time of year you need a rich balm or oil cleanser to gently but effectively cleanse your skin.


2. Don’t forget to hydrate your lips & eyes!


Why? As the temperature drops during this period, our lips are especially vulnerable to the dry cold weather and might start flaking which does not look good with lipstick! 

What to do? Use a lip balm before going to bed (as well as during the day) to avoid this and give your lips that extra hydration!



Why? As we join holiday parties this festive party season, restful sleep might not be first on the agenda. We might be staying up slightly later than we expected and running on a few hours of sleep but our skin does not need to give it up! 

What to do? Hydrating the skin around the eyes will help depuff and detox and we have shared some of our favourite eye patches/creams.


3. Use our Gua Sha to massage & depuff your face!

Why? With the holiday season comes delicious food & champagne! Only downside is waking up the next day with a puffy face showing the signs of too much goodness (sugar, alcohol..). 

What to do? Combining our steel gua sha tool with a nourishing oil will help detox your face and massage the toxins out –  leaving you looking refreshed and with a bright complexion !


4. Hydration boost with face masks and rich moisturisers

Why? In the winter months our skin gets dehydrated due to heating and cold/dry weather. 

What to do? Alongside drinking a lot of water, we recommend switching to using a richer moisturiser and adding a hydrating face mask to your skincare routine. Especially after a holiday party, our hydrating face masks are full of hydrating peptides which will help draw moisture into the skin and reduce any signs from the night before!


5. Self-care ritual with essential oils and bath salts

Why? The end of year often comes with a sense of “end of the world” with hard deadlines at work, friends & family reunions and holiday celebrations. It is important to take the time to relax, reflect on the last 12 months and our wellbeing. 

What to do? 

A couple of drops of essential oils can help ease the mind to reduce anxiety, stress and even promote sleep. Taking a bath and lighting up candles can also help unwind and  support physical and mental well-being.


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