Skincare Lessons from Professional Makeup Artist Yasmin Salmon

Skindays: At what point did you decide to pursue make-up as a career? 

Yasmin Salmon: Before I started my makeup career. I was a professional model for 11 years. I was always captivated by the creative side of makeup and how it made me feel empowered. All my best friends on set we’re the MUA’s and hair stylists. I would bombard them with millions of questions on and what products they were using, how they were using them and why! Over the years I absorbed so much knowledge in the beauty industry, that it ended up being a natural progression into becoming a professional makeup Artist. 

SD: What does make-up mean to you?

Y.S: I don’t remember a time not knowing about Makeup. I was never allowed to wear makeup until I hit my teens, which made me want to know even more about it. As any inquisitive kid would…  The first product I ever tried was this gorgeous blight pink strawberry blush from Chanel which I took from my mum’s beauty cabinet and absolutely fell in love with it. Makeup has brought me so many happy memories from my younger years and my time working as a model. It’s hard to fully describe in just a few words what it means to me but I guess makeup and beauty have really shaped the person I am today.

SD: Golden rules to prepare skin for makeup?

Y.S: Moisturise moisturise moisturise! It’s the key to keeping your skin hydrated. Also use a gorgeous illuminating primer, both of these products will ensure that your makeup stays on all day and leaves you with glowing hydrated skin. It’s the secret underneath all my makeup looks. 

SD: What is your go-to products to prepare skin? 

Y.S: I’ve recently started incorporating serums into my skin prep. My go to product at the moment is the Sarah Chapman Glow Elixir. It leaves my skin looking radiant and glowy all day!

SD: Pro tips to make foundation look flawless on dry skin?

Y.S: I always use a great hydrating moisturiser and primer before applying foundation. This will help with the longevity of the makeup as well as rehydrating the areas of dryness. If you do have dry skin throughout the day, I also recommend trying a face mist for that extra bit hydration . I’m loving the De Mamiel Dewy Facial Mist at the moment.  I love a good eye cream and use one daily! I always recommend eye cream to my clients who attend my private makeup classes. Especially if they use concealer day to day. Often you will find concealer can dry around the eyes and crease. By using eye cream before applying concealer, it helps prevent any dryness and gives you a smooth surface for then applying concealer 


I love a good eye cream

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SD: Best way to cleanse skin pre and post makeup?


Y.S: Whenever I cleanse my skin, I always try and look for a product that is more milky or cream based as my skin can be quite sensitive. I gently massage the cleanser onto dry skin and wait for a few seconds to let the cleanser melt and break down any makeup around the face and eyes. With a clean warm wet flannel, I then wipe away the cleanser starting from the top of my forehead wiping it down to my décolletage. I’ve recently started using the Sarah Chapman Ultimate cleanse. It’s more of a balm consistency which then goes milky once you add warm water. It’s definitely a must try if you’re looking for a new cleanser. 

SD: What is your daily skincare routine (if you have one)? 

Y.S: I always start off with a great cleanser and depending how my skin feels that day, I double cleanse if needed. I then apply a toner all over my face and neck using my hands to pat in the product. Then I follow with a glowing serum to keep my skin looking dewy all day. To finish off, I lock in all the products with a hydrating moisturiser.

SD: One product you can’t live without?

Y.S: Apart from moisturiser one beauty product I couldn’t live without would be concealer. No matter how dark my eye bags may look, It’s my go to hero product and always does the job.  I sometimes only apply concealer to my skin if I don’t feel like wearing a full face of foundation and it’s the one product I can’t leave the house without. 

SD: Best beauty advice?

Y.S: Less Is More. In this day in age with Tik Tok makeup trends and overly contoured/baked faces. It’s easy to think that you need to completely change the way you look to feel more confident. I’m all about celebrating your natural beauty and enhancing what you’ve already got.

SD: When do you feel most confident?

Y.S: I always feel my most confident at work, it’s where I thrive. Especially when a client feels confident after the way I’ve done their makeup. It gives me so much life and I feel so proud of my work and that I was able to make someone else feel so special that day. I think a lot of people working as MUA’s, beauticians and hairstylist can relate to that feeling.

SD: Latest skincare buy?

Y.S.: My latest skincare buy was an SPF 50. I got one recommended by a friend who swears by it. I purchased it just before my summer holiday to Spain, as I was looking for a great every day sunscreen that wouldn’t interfere with my makeup and didn’t leave me with super oily and sticky skin. 


SD: Any bedside beauty essentials?

Y.S: I always have a large tub of body cream by the side of my bed. Since a young age I hated the feeling of having dry hands, legs and feet. Especially after the summer holidays when the skin starts dry and peel from you’r tan. I always apply body cream before bed and let the product soak into the skin overnight.

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