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Expert-Backed Skincare Brands

A trip to the dermatologist’s office can be expensive – and that’s even before you’ve invested in any skincare! So what if you could bring the dermatologist’s knowledge to your bathroom, and incorporate their trusted skincare brands into your everyday routine? 

Well, there’s good news! Gone are the days of only being able to grab mass-produced, cheaply formulated products from store shelves and online beauty havens. The beauty mass market has stepped aside to make way for some seriously science-led skincare – created by dermatologists with innovative formulas to deliver proven results that you can trust.   

Targeting a specific skin concern? Suffering from sensitive skin? Here are some of the best medical skincare brands that you can rely on to give you the dream skin you’ve been longing for. 

MZ Skin: High-performance scientific skincare

Dr. Maryam Zamani is not only a globally-renowned aesthetic doctor and expert in dermatology, but also an oculoplastic surgeon. So there’s no denying that she knows her stuff! Founder of her very own science-heavy brand, MZ Skin, she created her line of clinical skincare products after feeling underwhelmed by the existing doctor-led brands that were available. She felt as though she was medicating her face without having the feeling of the beautiful pampering experience she craved – and so, the perfect combination of efficacy and luxury became her mission.

“When I moved to London, I had recently finished my residency and entered my 30s. I wanted skincare with results, and that is about the time that doctor brands started to pop up,” she says. “I tried only a few to become quickly disinterested, feeling that I was applying products to my face that didn’t provide me with the beautiful pampering feeling that had become so important in my ritual. So, I went back to my go-to brand and started working with a chemist, creating my own formulas to supplement that routine,” she adds.

In early 2014, Dr. Zamani found a formulator in London and began to work on her creams. She would ask her friends and her patients to try them out and make tweaks as she went along. “That was how MZ Skin was born – focussed on the ethos to reveal, enhance and protect the skin. Skincare is the foundation of healthy, glowing skin and is essential to maintain and enhance in-office procedures. MZ Skin functions to bridge the use of results-driven formulations with a ritualistic essence enabling the consumer to enjoy the continued process of maintaining healthy, beautiful skin,” she explains.

Often referred to as ‘the eye doctor’, one of Dr. Maryam’s hero products is the MZ Skin Soothe & Smooth Hyaluronic Brightening Eye Complex. Harnessing the power of tri-peptide ingredients, hyaluronic acid and ceramides, it helps to boost collagen and elastin production (what you need to achieve plumper, firmer skin), along with albizia bark extract that helps to reduce dark circles.

VENN: High-tech Korean Skincare

Korean skincare is renowned for its performance-driven and innovative formulas. Combine this with the genius of a nuclear-physicist turned skincare chemist and a science-led skincare junkie, and you have a recipe for truly glorious skin. Unlike many other Korean skincare brands who promote the idea of a routine with several steps, VENN is different. Founder Brian Oh says that he learned from his own experience that a long skincare regime can be confusing, which is why he vowed to create simple products to use in a straight-forward routine. The core value of the brand is that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to skincare.

VENN’s 25-year stretch of skincare research has strongly focused on the skin microbiome – specifically topical probiotic and prebiotic ingredients that can better skin’s health and appearance at the same time. The brand uses cutting-edge technology and clean, effective, proven active ingredients to help to deliver you your best skin yet. 

But why is science-led skincare so important? “In order to create a great formulation that can deliver visible results and benefit the skin in the long run, it’s very important to understand how the ingredients work together and influence the skin,” Brian says. “A skin expert will understand how ingredients affect the skin in the short and long term and will know exactly which ingredients are best to target specific skin concerns,” he explains. 


“Our science is focused on building a powerful engine behind skincare formulation – specifically optimizing the natural actives and effectively delivering the active ingredients to the skin. We use key technologies such as solubilization technology to water dissolve and improve the permeability of natural actives and delivery technologies to effectively deliver each active ingredient to the skin to achieve maximum benefits,” he continues.

New to the brand? Try the Venn – Age-Response Compound K Hyaluronic Booster – a multi-tasking serum that contains hyaluronic acid, panax ginseng, peptides and vitamins B and C. It provides maximum anti-ageing skin benefits and helps with uneven skin tone, discolouration, brightening and plumping the skin. A consumer even study found that 100% of testers agreed that their skin tone evenness had improved, and 98% said that their skin appeared healthier overall. 

Teresa Tarmey: The At-Home Facial from A-List Facialist

Anyone who’s anyone in the world of show business will have had a run-in with skincare expert Teresa Tarmey at least once. And with a 25-year strong career and having spent over 50,000 hours treating skin, she thought it was about time she created a range of products and treatments that would allow her customers to maintain their skincare treatment at home.

“When creating my range, I didn’t want to be another brand that solely focused on trends and typical rules,” Teresa says. “I wanted to create a range of products and treatments that in my experience really work, targeting specific concerns. A key component within my facials is the incorporation of a light peel or exfoliation. The power of Lactic Acid has been proven time and time again and therefore it was very clear to me that I wanted to develop a safe and easy-to-use lactic acid treatment for people to use at home,” she adds.  


Teresa also explains why her lactic acid-based and other treatments are so popular; “Lactic acid generally suits all skin types, and tends to be less harsh than other acid ingredients. Microneedling has also becoming increasingly popular over the years and can drastically improve the skin, which led me to develop my 12-week programme. By microneedling with my peptide treatment once per week over a 12 week period, you will enhance skin’s brightness, reduce fine lines and plump and firm the skin.”

The Teresa Tarmey Lactic Acid harnesses the power of lactic acid, which has proven as a hero ingredient time and time again. It helps with moisture retention, gentle exfoliation and brightening the skin.

Sarah Chapman: 20 Years of Research in a Bottle

One of the most respected experts in the skincare world with clients such as Meghan Markle, Sarah Chapman is a cosmetic scientist who founded her brand after not being able to find a happy medium between luxury and medical-grade skincare. After hearing the same thing from her clients over and over about how their high-tech formulas worked but didn’t feel luxurious, she set off on a mission to create her own products that delivered everything her clients wanted.

“My clients are the inspiration for Skinesis products and treatments. I focus on product and treatment development to target the skin concerns I treat everyday, pushing the boundaries of skincare and thinking outside the box,” Sarah says. “The direct contact I maintain with my clients on a daily basis allows me to create the best products and treatments to improve skin health for long-term benefits, whilst being guided directly by my customer.”

But how much science goes into the Skinesis formulations? “I studied cosmetic science hoping that, rather than offering my clients a clinical serum followed by a botanical cream and then an essential oil for scent, I could create formulas that combined all three. The heart of my skincare range is just that; a fusion of scientific research with high levels of actives and omega oils, in a base that’s paraben-free and fragranced with natural ingredients,” she adds. 

The formulas for Sarah’s core range were four years in development and gained popularity quickly following their release – by celebrity clients and the public alike. “I strive to combine the very best of science, nature and luxury and achieve optimum skin transforming results to bring facial results into the homes of everyday people,” Sarah explains.

The Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial is an award-winning product that combines 25 years of skincare research with modern innovative ingredients. It contains antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid and vitamins A and C, to renew and perfect skin overnight, producing a radiant canvas by morning. Genius! 

Goldfaden MD: Plant-Based Science

For plant-powered, dermatologist-developed skincare that creates seriously radiant results, look no further. Goldfaden MD was founded in 2013, by dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldfaden and sisters-in-law Lauren and Lisa Goldfaden. After Dr. Goldfaden had been in practice as a dermatologist for over 40 years, he decided it was time to develop a line of products that would mimic his in-office treatments – creating one of the world’s most premium skincare brands.

All Goldfaden MD products are formulated with innovative plant cell actives and botanical extracts that are proven to improve the appearance of skin and enhance youthfulness. The entire range of skincare products hones in on addressing the most important and common skincare problems that people are faced with, and each product in the range contains high quality ingredients. “The process starts with identifying a problem I see in my office, and from there I develop at-home solutions and preventative measures,” says Dr. Goldfaden. “If brightening is the goal, for example, we want to layer potent natural actives together without adding in silicones, fillers and irritants. The challenge is keeping the formulas clean without compromising the stability of the ingredients,” he adds. 

The brand’s ethos also has sustainability at its core, so you can achieve your glow, totally guilt-free glow! All bottles are made with over 70% recycled plastics, boxes are made from recycled paper and all packaging is 100% recyclable. Goldfaden MD also promises that the brand’s products are free of common skin-affecting nasties such as parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, silicone, synthetic fragrances and gluten. Everything is hypoallergenic, vegetarian and certified cruelty-free by PETA. 

The hero product in Dr. Goldfaden’s line is the Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub. Non-aggressive and containing gentle exfoliating crystals, this physical scrub is perfect if you’re looking for smooth, glowing skin. It also contains red tea extract that provides antioxidant protection, and hyaluronic acid to deliver hydration deep within the skin.

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