Why ‘Crystal Skin’ is the more inclusive emerging skincare trend

The ‘Glass Skin’ trend was all about hydrated, luminous and essentially translucent skin, and whilst beautiful if obtained, it can be pressurising to maintain – especially with the stress and lifestyle factors our skin must face on a daily basis. So, when crystal skin started circulating as the new skin trend on the block, we were immediately intrigued.Imagine a crystal, perfectly imperfect with uneven edges and different tones throughout, now relating back to skin and you have the basis of ‘crystal skin’. Instead of opting for perfecting skin, crystal skin is all about radiance and a lit-from-within-glow, something you expect as a post-facial treatment (and more inclusive to the ever-expanding range of skin concerns). Tori Crowther, Associate Editor at Popsugar shares, “simplicity in your routine is essential to provide the best results and focusing on consistency and knowing what products work for your routine is key. Hydrating actives such as hyaluronic acid, nourishing oils containing squalene and moisturisers all play a part in giving you your happiest and most radiant of complexions”.The crystal skin technique is focused on your skin’s health overall and radiating an internal glow, prompting optimum skin health. Guaranteed to leave your skin looking fresh, youthful, and luminous, crystal skin is not only inclusive but also attainable, finding a routine that works for you, understanding the actives at play and consistency – all are bound to set you on journey to incandescence. 


which actives work with what. The goal is to keep the skin balanced, hydrated and moisturised and therefore your moisture barrier can’t be compromised. Ensure that your routine combines both regenerating and resurfacing ingredients such as AHA’s and retinols as well as actives that look to hydrate and replenish the skin such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides and niacinamide. You don’t want to overwhelm your skin, but you want to support its regeneration overall. “Ingredients such as rice and liquorice root extract can also help brighten the skin which gives it that ‘translucent’ effect, but hydrating products are key in achieving this look!” Kinder adds.


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Crystal skin is all about a healthy plump and glow to the skin and facial massage is now no longer only subject to your facialist. Facial massage has been proven to diminish puffiness, improve circulation and blood flow as well as drain the lymph that builds up around the face. Either using a serum or oil as a lubricant, introduce a roller or use your fingers and gently massage the face. Applying pressure in an upward motion, you can glide your roller or fingers along the jawline, underneath the cheekbone and up, towards the forehead – repeating this 2-3 times. Contouring the face, stimulating blood flow and decreasing puffiness, facial massage is a great way to create a healthy glow from within without the need of a facialist.


At one point we were all set to believe in the 10-13 product approach but through education, we have learnt that less is more. Too many steps and products can complicate the skin’s understanding in what products to absorb and as a result overstressing the skin will compromise your moisture barrier, the foundation needed for crystal skin. Keep it simple and go with a routine that works for your skin but in order of viscosity for maximum absorption (thinnest to thickest consistency).


Often forgotten in many skincare routines, toners are an essential part of balancing and evening the skin’s tone as well as hydrating the complexion overall. Applied after cleansing, and gently pressed into the skin, it will help to quench and refresh the complexion – a dream for achieving crystal skin.

Whilst ‘glass skin’ was about the perfectly clear and transparent complexion, ‘crystal skin’ focuses on a healthy radiance from within that is reflected in a translucent complexion. Regardless of breakouts, scarring, pigmentation, redness – a lit-from-within glow can always be achieved.

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