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Meet the founder behind the Scandi science driven brand Verso

Skindays: What motivated you to create Verso?

Lars Fredriksson: I wanted to create a skincare brand that shall be the best of two worlds, science-based formulas in a classic timeless Scandinavian packaging. With our vitamin A technology we have been able to provide highly effective and gentle formulations in classic Scandinavian designed packaging.

SD: How has your Scandinavian heritage affected the creation of Verso?

L.F.: We all have a less is more mentality. We formulate our products with few ingredients and each product has been formulated to be used as a stand-alone and no need for a lengthy routine to achieve results. We encourage the use of less and but effective products and to avoid stressing the skin with too many ingredients and products. We produce our products with the highest quality of ingredients in a strict quality control environment.

SD: While building Verso and developing our skincare line, what has been the most important thing you wanted your skincare products to have?

L.F.: To have a skincare range with great efficacy in a classic packaging that should be easy to use. With our vitamin A technologies more people can get the fantastic benefits of vitamin A without any potential discomfort.

SD: For whom are you formulating Verso’s products?

L.F.: We have not developed Verso for any specific individual but rather for a person that is looking for a result driven skincare that appreciate high quality and easy to use products without complicated skincare routines.

SD: If you could only recommend one of your products, which would it be?

L.F.: Wow… that depends on who is asking. My personal favorite is Verso Super Facial serum, which is per definition a cream but has a higher concentration of Retinol 8 and gives an outstanding moisturization along with the benefits of Vitamin A. Our vision is that every one should use at least one vitamin A products in their daily routine and with Verso we believe that there is so many options, from day creams to night creams and serums. Each Verso can be paired with any other product or brand being used. The only time you should be precautions is if a strong peel been used.

SD: In your opinion, what do you consider to be the biggest skincare myth?

L.F.:  There are so many… maybe “Natural & clean skincare is better for your skin” there is really no evidence that natural skincare is either cleaner or better. Plant extracts can be both irritating and allergenic.

SD: Verso is a modern and constantly innovative brand. However, which fundamental brand values do you find to be the most important that the brand remains throughout continuous improvement?

L.F.: Each product shall be based on science and delivery on its promise. We look at every detail, from product development to all communication.

SD: Throughout your skincare journey, what would you say is the most beneficial piece of knowledge you have picked up along the way?

L.F.: That if no shortcuts are taken and we use high quality ingredient with the right concentration in a well thought out & developed formula we can provide great effect on the skin.

SD: You just launched a super exciting new retinol for sensitive skin, could you please tell us a bit about that product? This has been a fantastic journey. First that we have developed a completely new molecule, NEAR 1 that is so unique and great that the invention was granted a patent.

With a complex technology we have been able to enhance the effect of Vitamin A with Niacinamide. 

Verso Super Elixir, a brightening facial serum that targets the appearance of discolouration & uneven skin tone. This product is hypoallergenic, which means that it has been tested by people with sensitive skin. This is fantastic so more people can benefit of vitamin A and the great result. Verso Super Elixir is a light elixir formula that works perfectly as stand-alone or to be paired with a moisturizer if needed. Data and studies show that you can see the effect in 8-12 weeks.

SD: What’s next for Verso?

L.F.: We will continue our path and stay true to our core. Now we are so excited and full focus on our global launch of Super Elixir.

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