Getting ready with the Prima Ballerina, Candela Lasanta

Candela Lasanta is a Prima Ballerina at Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo. Her determination and hard work have brought her there, but it has not been an easy journey. She trains daily, and it is crucial for her mind as well as her body to be in the best possible health. The need to care for herself shines through in her amazing complexion. Ahead, we caught up with Candela to unpack her skincare routine, wellbeing rituals and her top favourite products on Skindays.

SKINDAYS: Tell us about your great love affair with dance. When did it start? How has it changed your life?

Candela Lasanta: My love affair with dance and classical ballet, in particular, started with me watching my mother dance. She was a ballerina and, naturally, my first inspiration. I started dancing at the age of four, and I haven’t stopped since. It’s undoubtedly one of the most challenging professions out there, but being able to live off my greatest passion is a luxury I’m very grateful for. It’s been nothing but an easy path to achieving my childhood dream, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The discipline, grit and willpower it requires are all attributes that will be useful in carving out the unknown path after my dance career.

SD: We have to ask, if we were to look behind the scenes, what would a day in life look like? What gets cropped out of this carefully curated world?

CL: For me, a typical day consists of a daily ballet class in the morning followed by rehearsals, performances, and international touring. I also spend a fair amount of time in the gym doing cross-training and specifically designed workouts for injury prevention. I’d say that a lot is cropped out from this carefully curated world.

SD: Due to your rhythm and training, you need to keep things simple. What wellness routine and tips do you follow?

CL: In regards to a wellness routine, I very often turn to yoga. Either for strength building, proprioceptive strengthening, or meditative mental purpose. I also love taking long scolding hot baths with scented candles and soothing bath oils. Suppose it’s been a rough day; I enjoy it with some cold beers as well. It’s like the ultimate self-care ritual for me.

SD: What backstage and tricks have you learned backstage and that you want to share with the Skindays community?

CL: Regarding backstage secrets…When it comes to the performances, I always make sure to do a thorough warm-up with specific exercises to have all my muscles activated and an elevated heart rate. I must have my adrenaline going before I go on stage. It’s also a big part of my mental preparation, and I never do it without listening to music. I use music to put me in the mood for that specific ballet I’m about to do. Whether it’s an upbeat playlist or something more soothing, it all depends on the role I’m about to dance. Beauty-related lessons include using good quality makeup as stage makeup and opting for high-end brands that focus on skincare and being high pigment enough for the stage. I mostly wear Charlotte Tillbury, Nars and Caia.

SD: What do you believe about beauty now that you didn’t before?

CL: Before, I didn’t trust the science behind skincare the way I do today. I love seeing how innovative brands create products that can make a difference in my skin.

SD: What is your everyday Routine?

CL: My everyday skincare routine consists of a thorough double cleanse, hence the amount of makeup my skin has to withstand on stage. I really love the Absolution, “Purifying Cleansing Gel”. It leaves my skin clean without stripping it. I then keep my pores clean with a chemical peel. The Goldfaden “Fresh A Peel” is my go-to combat texture and buildup. I’m always vigorously moisturising my skin, and my current obsession is Verso’s “Super Facial Serum”. Since I live in the South of France, I’m blessed with abundant sunshine. I, therefore, always make sure to wear my Saltee “SPF50 Face Sea & Sun Formula”.


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SD: Do you have a different post-workout skincare routine?

CL: My post-workout routine is the same as my daily skincare ritual. When working out so much as I do, I feel the key is to keep the skin clean, free from sweat and other toxins, moisturise regularly and protect my skin from the sun with the top-rated products already mentioned.

SD: When do you feel most beautiful?

CL: I feel the most beautiful when my husband looks at me, cheesy but true, preferably on holiday in the south of Spain, sun-kissed, relaxed and happy.

SD: On your busiest days, what self-care is non-negotiable for you?

CL: My only non-negotiable is brushing my teeth and cleaning my face before going to bed. The last time I fell asleep with my makeup was in my early teens. No matter how exhausted I am, I always go to bed with a minimum of skincare.

SD: Tell us a secret, what are your bedside essentials?

CL: My diary, body lotion and nasal spray(I’m somewhat addicted to it, bad I know, but it’s the truth)

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