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Gemma’s Favourites

£ 139.00

Gemma’s favourites came together at a time when Gemma wanted to include retinol in her daily skincare routine. She tried different options but landed on the recently launched Super Elixir from the Scandi-brand Verso. The Elixir is like no other, with its very own molecule, which is, in short, the combination of vitamin A and Niacinamide. Why is this relevant? Because Gemma can apply this Elixir without inching or experiencing the redness she has with other vitamin A products. Gemma uses the Elixir at night and the SPF 50 Moisturiser from Sarah Chapman in the morning. She picked this SPF because it is super light and easy to apply under makeup, is the perfect primer, and offers complete sun protection coverage. It is absolutely a go-to for 30+!

BENEFITS: Anti-aging, Brighten & Protection
FOR: all skin types

Product code: SD0409