A Step-By-Step Guide For

Normal Skin

With normal skin the most important thing to do in the morning is to make sure you are protecting your skin from the sun, and other environmental stressors. Otherwise, look to build in brightening and hydrating products to leave you with a glowing and plump complexion which will last you all day.

Morning Routine

Your skincare routine in the morning should include:

01: Cleanse

The cleansing step can be missed if you wake up in the morning with your skin feeling normal. Replace this with rinsing your face with some lukewarm water. If your skin feels oilier than normal then incorporate a gentle cleanser into your routine. 

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02: Serum

Focus on protection from environmental stressors such as free radicals and keep an eye out for a vitamin C serum. 

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03: Moisturiser

With normal skin look for a moisturiser with a texture you like. Generally, a lightweight moisturiser will look less greasy and it sits better underneath make-up. 

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04: Sunscreen

This is an essential step. Regardless of skin type you need to protect your skin from UV rays which will damage your skin if a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least 30 SPF is not applied. 

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